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Susan and Robert

"I am delighted in the amount of extra bookings we received after having a slow start to the season. HomeRez was a great choice for us. Not only did we have more bookings but we also felt reassured that our international guests were getting their questions answered immediately and in their own language."

Canary Islands

"I must admit, I was a little sceptical about joining HomeRez as I had not heard of them before. I had no time to manage the rentals of my holiday home this summer so I took a leap of faith and I have not looked back. I am delighted with the amount of bookings I am receiving and very happy that my guests are receiving a great service when they book my property. "

Costa Brava

"HomeRez really helped increase my bookings. I was on another rental website for a year and after only 4 months with HomeRez I have already received more bookings than the year before. I really appreciated the advice the company gave me. They helped me choose the appropriate seasonal rates for my property. Overall I am very happy - I have had a lot more bookings and a large increase in income! "

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